4.2 Live Ready

Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.
Matthew 25:13, NIV

Jesus tells a story about ten bridesmaids all dressed, ready, and waiting for the Groom’s arrival in Matthew 25. He tells us, up front, that five bridesmaids are wise and five are foolish. At first glance, it is not clear what the difference is between the two groups. They are all dressed the same. They all have lamps. They are all assembled and waiting. They all fall asleep because the wait becomes long. They all hear the arrival of the Groom and wake up. Upon waking, they all trim their lamps, meaning they are getting ready to light them.  

At this point, we see one stark difference: the wise ones had a jar with extra oil to keep their lamps burning, but the foolish ones had no extra oil. If you are familiar with the story, you know the foolish ones entreat the wise to share their oil. The wise refuse and instruct the unwise to go buy oil, declaring they do not have enough for all the lamps. The foolish bridesmaids toddle off to buy oil. When they return, they discover the door into the wedding party locked. They knock and say “Lord, Lord, … open the door for us!” The reply of the Groom is sobering: “Truly I tell you, I don’t know you.”

It is impossible to read these words and not be stunned by the clarity and the finality of the foolish bridesmaids’ situation. It seems almost petty that a little bit of oil kept them out of the wedding banquet.

What can we observe from this biblical account?
1-Each person is responsible for his/her individual relationship with God. You cannot borrow oil from anyone else.
2-Looking the part and going through the motions will not be enough to secure a place at the Wedding Banquet
3-The day is coming when it will be too late to “get ready;” we must be diligent to always stay ready for the return of Jesus.

Today is a good day to ask: Are you walking in the light? Are you keeping a close relationship with Jesus? Are you seeking daily to be full of the Spirit?

Prayer:  Jesus, I want to be ready every day. I want to always have an abundant supply of oil. Show me any area of my life that is hindering my walk with you so that I may confess it or release it. Help me to live ready.

Commitment:  Today I assume full responsibility for my relationship with God. I am committed to live ready.

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