3.3 Come Closer

Come close to God and God will come close to you.
James 4:8, NLT

Stop for a moment and let your heart feast on this truth: the Creator of the universe wants to be close to you. Throughout Scripture, this same thought echoes time and time again. The cry of God’s heart from Genesis to Revelation is always calling people to come near to Him. This is God’s desire. He wants to be close to His children; He longs to be known by His children. He is the issuer of the invitation:
“Come close to me and I will come close to you.”

Notice it is both a command and a promise. The command is “Come close.”  We live in a world full of noise and shiny things vying for our attention every second of every day. Into this cacophony of noise God stands with an open heart and an open door calling for His own to steal away, to stop and sit, to pause and focus. It is a command from our Father because He knows that we will receive everything we need by coming closer to Him.

The promise is that our decision to come close will cause God to move yet closer to us. How amazing is that? It is almost beyond comprehension that finite human beings can provoke an infinite eternal God to move towards us. And yet, that is His promise.

Are you as close to God as you want to be? Is there a hunger in your heart for more closeness? If you find yourself feeling distant and not really longing for God, there is no cause for shame or guilt. Simply confess your situation to your Father and ask Him to help you. Then, make a decision to come closer day by day. If in fact you do hunger for more of God – the really good news is that no one has ever exhausted the depths of knowing God, there is always more.

Let every one of us answer the call of God’s heart today – let us come closer.

Prayer: Father, I hear the cry of your heart. Everything I need is found in your Presence. I want to be closer to you. Help me push past every distraction and come close.

Commitment: Today I choose to come closer to God, and I wait expectantly for Him to come closer to me.

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