Life Groups

When we look at the early church we get a picture of small communities of people who followed Jesus together. The Book of Acts, especially Acts 2:42-47, gives us a great picture of the early church and the components of biblical community, which encompassed both the "temple courts" and "house to house."

These believers engaged in life together through teaching, fellowship, communion, prayer, miracles, radical generosity, and corporate worship. They spent time together eating, learning, celebrating, proclaiming the Good News, and supporting each other. In addition, the 50-plus "one another" verses in the New Testament flesh out other aspects of this community. For example, it was a place where people loved, forgave, served, bore burdens, encouraged, exhorted, prayed, equipped, spoke truth in love, confessed sins, and treated each other as precious members of one body.

In our modern culture, small groups are often viewed merely as a program or a fellowship ministry within the church. But for the New Testament church, it was a way of life, encompassing every area of their lives. Their relationships with one another were critical to their pursuit of Jesus, their growth in Christ, and their witness to the Good News. It would be impossible to experience biblical community apart from spiritually significant, intentional relationships with other believers. Relational structures like small groups, therefore, are an integral part of "being" the church and not just "doing" church.

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These are our LifeGroup offerings for Spring 2023

Men’s Breakfast // Tuesdays 7:00am // Corner Café in Griffin Vince McCormack //
Examining the divine origin & authority of God’s Word. Breakfast seasoned with prayer and fellowship!

Five Star Men’s Group // Wednesdays 6:30pm // Rm 808 Todd Moore, Jason Graham, & Robert Eubanks // Men digging deep into understanding authentic manhood

Men’s Prayer Breakfast // Thursdays 6:00am // The Old Country Store located at 2708 Hwy 92 Dave Hardeman // Breakfast, devotions, prayer and fellowship

Men & Their Cars // One Saturday a month Alvin Vander Leest // Connect and build relationships with other men who love Jesus…& cars!

Encounter Life Fitness // Thursdays 6:30pm // Room 310 Pam Freeman & Lyndsi Foster // Fun and Fitness to strengthen God’s temple!

Kingdom Quilters // 1st Saturdays 9am-12pm // Royal Ranger Building Sue Chambers Fellowship for quilters! ALL IN! // 3rd Saturdays 9:30am // April Blackmon // Women sharing Jesus as they have fellowship and fun!

The Amazing Collection - Bible Study // Tues. 9:30am // Rm 808 Nancy Ploener // The study of God’s love letter to us…compiled into 66 books as one Book

Mug N Muffin // 2nd Saturdays 10am // Church Foyer Pam Freeman & April Blackmon // Ladies enjoying coffee and treats with a timely word

Women of the Bible // Mondays 6:30pm // Church Foyer Lynn McCormack // Focus on the women of the Bible as we travel through Scriptures

C’s The Day // One Saturday a Month // Local coffee shops Deborah Abercrombie // Creating conversation and closeness in a small group setting

Women’s Empowerment Circle // Saturdays 11am // Griffin Home Melissa Roberts // Mentoring and encouraging women on how to work out God’s divine plan for their life!

Sun City Peachtree Ladies Fellowship // Sun City Peachtree Cheryl Fields, Katheryne Fields, and Jen Creswell //

Ladies Bible Study // 2nd & 4th Mondays 7pm // Keg Creek - Senoia Kari Bartels & Taliah Vander Leest // Women's book study!
Family Life // Sunday Group Nights 4pm-7pm// Griffin Home Deana Kimbrel & Ginger Ogilvie // Families in a similar walk of life sharing and praying together

The Wanderers // Twice Monthly // Griffin Home Ralph & Dona Pritchett // Missions-minded couples 50+ (local and global)

Better Together North // Sunday Group Nights 6pm // Griffin Home Scott & Jen Creswell // Fellowship, encouragement and fun for people with kids in college or out of the house.

Seed Planters // Sunday Group Nights 6pm // GFA Campus Vern Bassham & Ginger Deraney // Food and fellowship combined with a relevant book study

Sun City Group Couples 55+ // Sunday Group Nights // Sun City Home Ed & Karen Kochan // Couples 55+ getting together for food, fellowship and fun!

Covid PTSD Support // Thursdays 10:30am // Rm 805 Gay Baker // Support for those who have been affected by long-term COVID symptoms

Marine Corp League // 3rd Tuesdays of Month Lisa Delk & Bob Page

Young Adults // Sunday Group Nights // Griffin Bailey Freeman // Forging friendships with fun activities and Christian fellowship

Encounter Middle School // Sunday Group Nights Caleb Meininger //

Encounter High School // Sunday Group Nights Caleb Meininger //