Griffin Christian School

Building Excellence from the inside out

Griffin Christian High School prepares students in grades 7 through 12 for excellence in and beyond the classroom. Our curriculum rooted within a Christian environment goes beyond the fundamentals, encouraging leadership, knowledge, and personal integrity.
Our goal is that each student realizes his or her maximum potential for success in their future academics, careers, and life journeys.

Changing children’s lives from the inside out

Griffin Christian Academy provides the best education in a Christian environment for children in grades K4 through 6th grade.

We are passionate about seeing students grow in excellence, confidence, and faith in Jesus. Our quality teaching staff, curriculum, and vibrant community provide a holistic educational experience, teaching core curriculum classes in addition to Bible, leadership, and life skills.

Our goal is inspire excellence in the journey God has planned for your child – a journey of purpose and impact.

Preparing students not just mentally, but also spiritually!

GFA Early Childhood Preschool Academy

Early child education rooted in God’s love

Jesus loves the little children, and so do we! We help children from infancy through K4 develop their God-given potential through an excellent educational program in a Christian environment. Our curriculum is rooted in God’s love and focuses on a child’s spiritual, intellectual and physical growth, social interaction, and positive self-image. We meet Monday through Friday, 6.30 AM to 5.30 PM.