Purpose in Your Community

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When most of us think about people going hungry, we think about the children in Africa who live on less than $2 a day. However, hunger is also a very real problem in our community as well. Nearly 75% of students in our school system receive food assistance every week throughout the school year.  The harsh truth is, many students who leave school on Friday will have little to no food until they arrive to school on Monday. Dr. Doris Christopher, formally of UGA Griffin Campus, saw this need and started “Backpack Food for Kids” five years ago.  The need is evident, and with the help of many partners, the Spalding Collaborative is able to meet the need of about 250 students in 6 of our county schools by providing a backpack with non-perishable foods for these children to take home with them on Friday. Each bag has around 10-12 food items and will last a student for the weekend.

Starting the week of Labor Day, a team meets every Thursday at the 5 Loaves 2 Fish food pantry at 10:30 AM to pack these bags for students. Amazingly, the school teachers and counsellors have found that children who receive this assistance are constantly improving academically and behaviorally. Christ uses everyday people who surrender what they have to meet the overwhelming needs of others. In the sacrifice of our own time, finances, and resources God uses our willingness to define our purpose.  The body of Christ is God’s fingerprint on this Earth.

It is said that everyone will know that we are followers of Jesus by how we love one another. The love of God breaks down barriers, compels understanding, and sustains relationships. By exemplifying love through meeting the need in and around our community, we are able to find our place in the grandeur of this life.


*If you would like more information about this ministry, please contact rsmith@griffinfirst.org.

-Written by Madison Owens

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