Purpose in Passion

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We all are passionate about something! It is what motivates us to excellence in the area of life we are created to fulfill. Passion is a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept. When we are passionate about something or someone, it begins to encompass our entire being, and we find fulfillment when we are doing these things. Those things are different for all of us, but they make us who we are. Once we discover our passions, we discover our purpose.


Deja, a local SAGU Valor student (Griffin Campus), recently went on a return trip to Central Eurasia. Most people would shun away from going to a country in that area of the world, but Central Eurasia is where Deja feels her passion lies. She discovered her passion by ministering to people of all ages, and in turn those people ministered to her in an unexpected way. They showed care to someone they barely knew. She loved the hospitality, joy, and peace that she experienced from the people she encountered. People she never met before welcomed her into their homes, and treated her as though she was family.


Through this experience, Deja learned some things that she may not have had the opportunity to learn if she had not pursued her passion. Our passion and purpose go hand in hand. For Deja, it is to tell others about Jesus by traveling the world.


Whatever your passion is, pursue it. Chase your God-given dreams. Take the chance; run the risk. It may be the greatest decision you ever made. So if you have not found that thing that drives you to fulfill your purpose, start by doing what you love. God would not have placed that desire in you, if it were not for the greater good. Take time to do what you love. It may lead you to your purpose.

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