Life with Pop’s and Jaeli

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Jelly and I were in New York for some meetings. We were supposed to be sightseeing one morning, but she got very sick and stayed in bed. My friend’s wife was sick too, so he didn’t go either. Instead, we went to lunch and on the way back saw an M&M store. I said to him, “My granddaughter would love something from there!” I’m not telling what I got her, but I was pretty sure she would continue to say, “Pops is the best!” I said all that to say that wherever I am, my family is always on my mind.

I think about how God runs a big universe, but He always has you and I on His mind because He loves us and we are His family as believers. Remember to anticipate the goodness of God because He is always looking for ways that He can express His love towards you and I! He did it 2,000 years ago when He gave us His best in Jesus, but He also loves to bless us with the little things! Remember, God knows where all the M&M stores are! The day before we came home, I made a call to Jaeli so she knew I had a gift for her. Remember to answer the phone when God calls- the phone is called prayer. Be Blessed

-Pastor Randy Valimont

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