God Covers It All

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A Testimony from Amy Norrod

I would like to share a testimony about an awesome miracle that happened in our lives. As you know, my husband and I had the pleasure of becoming foster parents to a sweet baby girl this past year. She came to us when she was just five days old. She has been such a blessing and a joy in our lives, and we hoped we would be able to offer her our home forever through adoption. We began to pray for God’s will and continued to give her the best care possible.

Last Sunday morning, a message from the Lord was given in tongues and interpretation. It was about things coming to pass for which you’ve been believing. Pastor Randy said to step out into the aisle and believe in your miracle if this message was for you. When I did, a great peace came over me that has stayed with me ever since.

I usually get very nervous before a hearing for our foster daughter. This time, I just knew it was going to be okay, and that God was on my side. The hearing was supposed to be an update in a lengthy process that could take many more months, if not a couple of years. As we were waiting for her case to be seen, her biological parents asked if they could speak to us for a moment. They pulled us aside and asked us if we would adopt their child immediately! We were overjoyed and completely overwhelmed with emotion. Moments later, they announced it to the judge, and he ordered that they sign the papers to surrender their rights to us the same day! The judge remarked this must be a blessing because parents do not just sign over the rights to a 9-month-old baby.

We took the biological parents to lunch and spent the afternoon getting to know them and sharing about Jesus. They were so positive and completely sure about their decision. This is an amazing outcome because we have had very poor communication with the biological parents and were under the impression they resented us.

We witnessed yet another miracle when a cousin of the biological parents who struggled with infertility stepped forward wanting custody of our foster child. We prayed again for God’s will, and also that the cousin and her husband would be blessed with a child of their own, if indeed the foster child was to stay with our family. Shortly after the hearing when the biological parents granted us the adoption, we learned the cousin recently discovered she was pregnant!

God covered it all.

Thank you for your prayers and support throughout this entire process. It is awesome to be a part of a spirit-filled church that helps remind us of God’s goodness and promises!

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