Encounter Hope in Disappointment

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When I think back on our journey through infertility, I stand amazed at how God was always there comforting, reassuring, and leading us by His hand.  Those that know me well know that I will research something to pieces.  When we were thrown into the “unexplained category”, infertility became that research obsession.  I looked through most scientific journals, questioned doctors until I am sure they would have happily referred me elsewhere, and begged the Lord for a reason why this was happening to us.

When medical treatments failed and things came back inconclusive, the gamut of emotions and questions only heightened.  I remember sitting in the bedroom that we had painted (by faith), surrounded by the purchased furniture for our future child (by faith), and I began crying out to the Lord in the center of that room.  As tears ran down my face, God reached down and placed a hope in my heart that only He can provide.  Infertility did not define me or our future family.  I started recalling conversations that Kelly and I would have early on in our marriage about how we wanted to adopt at some point in our future, even if we were given the opportunity to have biological children.  I realized then that God had already planted adoption within us.

God allowed us to adopt two amazing children who have been our greatest joy.  During seasons of peace or seasons of storms, the Lord remained close.  Adoption, for us, is a beautiful depiction of how God unconditionally loves.  It does not matter where we come from, what we look like, or how “damaged” we seem.  He scoops us up, makes us His, and gives us a new identity in Him.

There are not enough words to explain how our lives have been changed through our experiences.  Our specific journey includes maneuvering around legal guardianship, to watching the pain of a biological family member freely terminating their own rights, and finally to a temporary relationship with a biological family that lovingly chose to hand their infant over upon birth.  We have concluded that faith is the foundation of it all.  Trusting the Lord with the details and allowing ourselves to be used by Him is at the heart of foster care, adoption, or even temporary guardianship.

So, because of our personal journey, we are motivated to helping others.  One ministry we are passionate about is FORTify, a support ministry for foster children, foster/adopt families, and biological families.  Helping children and families in crisis repair a home or build a forever home like ours, we feel, is not only an honor, but a calling.  Family is God’s heart, and we desire to see families healthy and whole.  It is our ultimate mission to help children in our community to live in a nourishing home full of God’s love just as He has filled our home.

In our family, we want our children to understand that they do not have to feel “lucky” to be where they are today.  Adoption is already inherently ours, through God’s plan, and we are just living that out.  We want them to know that even though we may look different from each other, and our DNA does not match, our love is theirs, and it was already theirs before we even met.

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Call 770-228-2307 ext. 311

-Written by Jaime Kitchens

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